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Moderation with Turnitin

Moderation is a process that is undertaken following the completion of the marking and marks checking process.

It determines if the marking process has been conducted appropriately, in a fair and reliable manner, consistently in accordance with the approved marking criteria and assessment task. No marks or feedback may be changed as part of the moderation process.  Further information is provided on the ADQE FAQs web page

The ‘Moderating’ web pages in Sussex Direct will be used to facilitate the moderation processes for assessments with an e-submission hand-in point which require moderation. For additional help and support with using Sussex Direct, please contact IT Services.

The following video provides an overview of moderation with e-submission.

Which are members of staff roles involved in moderation?

Staff listed on the module roles page in Sussex Direct as Assessment ConvenorModerator 1Moderator 2 and External Examiner will be required for moderation of assessments with an e-submission hand-in point. Please refer to the Moderating with e-submission video (above) for an overview of the processes and roles.

How will electronic feedback be presented to moderators?

Feedback will be presented via the Turnitin software interface. Moderators will be able to view feedback on the individual scripts from the moderation sample and are reminded that marks and feedback must not be changed as part of the moderation process. For more information on Turnitin, please refer to the following web pages: Marking with Turnitin (staff) and Viewing your feedback online (students).

Use the links on the Sussex Direct moderation page to access the submissions in the sample. Please note you will be able to view all submissions for the cohort via the Canvas assignment page if you wish to do so.

When to start moderation?

It is possible to start the moderation process without having to wait for late submissions. Please see the following PDF guide on Moderation in Sussex Direct produced by IT Services for more information.

How do I send sample to moderators?

This PowerPoint shows the process to send a sample to a moderator. Sending sample to moderator [PPTX 1.36MB]

Academic Development & Quality Enhancement FAQs for moderators

The following information, relevant to moderators is available from the ADQE e-submission FAQs web page.

  • What is moderation?
  • Which assessments need to be moderated?
  • How will I moderate work submitted electronically?
  • What written work will I moderate?
  • What is my role in reviewing the sample?
  • Can I change marks?
  • What should I do if I do not agree with the marking or feedback given?
  • What should I do if I suspect a case of academic misconduct in the sample of assessments for moderation?
  • What will happen if I do not complete internal moderation within 15 time working days?
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