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Refining practice and realising opportunity through pedagogic research

DARE to transform seminar on refining practice and realising opportunity through pedagogic research


Pedagogic research in higher education explores the process and practice of teaching, learning and the student experience. In many cases this emerges from the lecturer’s desire to modify and enhance practice, or gain a fuller understanding of what is happening during their classes. Research questions can emerge from local concerns, meaning that, for many people, initial forays into educational enquiry are often semi-accidental, arising from other aspects of their role. For an increasing number of academics, however, pedagogic research provides a stimulating avenue through which to engage in scholarly enquiry, building on the expertise gained in their specific disciplines. In this seminar I will explore the role of pedagogic research in contemporary higher education. Drawing on real-life examples, I will consider the impact such research has had on local practice, institutional strategies, the wider HE environment and individual career development. I will conclude by considering networks and opportunities which pedagogic research participants could access in the future.

This seminar is available to all academic and student support staff. Light refreshments will be provided. 


About Rebecca

Dr Rebecca Turner is an Educational Developer at the University of Plymouth and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her pedagogic research addresses themes including widening participation, student representation and student experience. At Plymouth she has supported many academics (new and old) to develop their pedagogic research profiles through the Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory, and has successfully undertaken a number of research projects on behalf of organisations such as the Advance HE, the Staff and Educational Development Agenda (SEDA) and (the former) Higher Education Funding Council for England.

Dr Rebecca Turner

Dr Rebecca Turner

Where and when?

Jubilee G22  
University of Sussex 
Wednesday 13th May, 11:00-12:30

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