Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Guidance for External Speakers

Resources, release forms and guidance for external speakers presenting for TEL at Sussex.

Guidance for external speakers

Please provide

Email with the following:

  1. The title of your talk
  2. An abstract for your talk
  3. A short biography up to 500 words
  4. A photo of you to be used with advertising the talk
  5. Recording consent form (optional, see below)


We are keen that your talk is accessible to the widest group possible. Please do check through the accessibility guidance below. 

  • For slides and handouts (full guide creating accessible resources)
    • Ensure there is a good contrast between text and background colours and where possible avoid using colour alone to convey information
    • Provide a text alternative for important information in images and graphs
    • Use slide headings in power point and use heading styles in documents
  • If you are happy to share any slides or handouts in advance, this can be helpful for attendees particularly those with disabilities
  • When presenting describe visual content (annotations, graphs, images/video) conveying information

Please do also let us know if you have any specific accessibility requirements yourself or if you have any questions or requests to make your talk more accessible.

Consent for recording

If possible and appropriate we would like to record your talk and hold a copy which we can share with colleagues and students via our learning management system and on our publicly accessible website. If you are happy for us to record the talk please complete a consent form (linked below).

Recording consent form

If you have any specific requirements for your presenation or any questions for TEL please contact us on

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