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Panopto is the University's new online media platform, replacing OpenCast for lecture recording from August 2019. Panopto will also offer a range of new features, serving to enhance teaching throughout the University. 

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The main route for accessing Panopto is through your Canvas modules. Within each module, you'll see a link to Panopto Recordings in the sidebar, clicking this will take you to a page where you can launch Panopto in lecture-capture enabled teaching spaces.

You can also install the Panopto recording software to any Windows staff desktop from the Software Center, to a personal PC or Mac from within the Panopto Recordings area on Canvas, and can download Panopto mobile apps for iOS and Android

Please see the following video guides:

Once a recording has been completed it will automatically be published and become available to students. If you wish to delay the recording being published you can change the "Availability" setting for the recording or for all recordings in the module. Please read the Panopto support guide on availability for more information.

You can share your Panopto recordings with specific people and groups, within Sussex or outside the University. For more guidance please watch Panopto's video guide on sharing folders and videos.

Yes, Panopto can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices by downloading and using the relevant apps

Please watch Panopto's video guides on using the Android App and using the iOS App for further information.

By default a recording will automatically become available to students after the recording ends. If you wish to control when the recording is available please follow the instructions below. Note that there are seperate sets of instructions based on whether you have yet to make the recording or have already done so.

If you have yet to make the recording: 

If you are yet to make a recording and wish to manually control when it becomes available the easiest way is to alter the folder the recording is saved to. This is done directly before starting the recording at the Create New Recording screen; on this screen locate the Folder dropdown: 

Panopto Then within the dropdown locate and click the folder called My Folder  Panopto

After having done this you can start recording your video. When you finish recording your video will be saved in your My Folder which means it will not be available to anyone but yourself.

When you wish to make your recording available to students you will have to move the video from your My Folder to the appropriate folder for the module at which point it will automatically become available to all enrolled students on that module. Please see Panopto's Guide to Moving Recordings for guidance on moving a recording.

If you have already made the recording:

If you have already made a recording and wish to retroactively make it unavailable to students then go to your module and click Panopto Recordings. Within the Panopto Recordings screen locate the relevant recording, hover your mouse over it and then click the "Settings" button:


Within the "Settings" screen you will find yourself on the "Overview" section, scroll to the bottom of the "Overview" section until you find an option marked "Session becomes available", click the bottom most setting:


Now adjust the until date to any day that has already passed, such as yesterday:


The recording will now be unavailable to students. To make it available to students go back to "Settings" and "Session remains available" and select the option marked "with its folder (forever)"


Please email us with any other questions about using Panopto at the University of Sussex.

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