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Sussex TEL created the GoBags so that you can easily experiment with bringing immersive content into your teaching and learning. These bags are mobile, easy to use and available to staff and students for free.

Each GoBag has a GoPro Fusion 360º camera, an iPad Pro, GoPro Smart Remote and a tripod. In addition there is a mobile phone, headphones and a Google Cardboard for you to view existing VR content. The iPad also comes preloaded with some AR apps for you to try. Explore the bag in the embedded Thinglink below.

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  • Permissions - It’s easy to forget that a 360º camera will anyone that can see it, it is therefore useful to consider whether you will need to gather permissions from anyone who may be in shot.

  • Extreme light source, ie. the sun - Back to back fish eye lenses can mean that one side exposes differently if it is pointed directly at a string light source. Where appropriate try pointing the side of the camera towards the light, this will ensure a balanced exposure.

  • Stitch line - This is where the two ‘halves’ of the 360º sphere get sewn together, it is also at the extremes of the lenses vision, therefore image quality is compromised and images tend to be not as sharp as they are directly infront of a lens. As such it is useful to pay attention to where the side of the camera is pointing and avoid key activity in this area.

  • Proximity - As with any fisheye lens, the closer you get the more distorted you will look.

  • Transition - If the intention is for your footage to be viewed in a headset, then think about movement. Fast action or quick transition can be very jarring or nauseating in VR.

  • Audio - These cameras are capable of recoding spatial audio, that means they have several microphones and when played back enables a headset viewer to experience the sound as if they were there, the sound sources stay fixed in position relevant to the video as the viewer turns their head.

  • Height - Shooting with immersive technologies can provide great opportunities for bulding empathy, it is great for point of view shooting. As such, the height at which you fix the camera will change the feeling and view point ofyour viewer.

  • Length of video - 360º cameras create very large video files which can take a long time to convert to a file you can upload to YouTube and share. For example, with a five-minute video at the standard (5.2K) resolution, it can take a fast computer over 30 minutes process footage before it can be shared or edited in another program. 
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