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Immersive Technology

The term 'Immersive Technologies' covers a range of different technologies which provide you with the experience of being immersed in, or enable you to view or interact with simulated objects and environments. These range from 360-degree photography and video to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Examples in education

360 Video

360-degree video

A video recording in every direction at the same time. The audience can choose which angle they view the video from at any given moment using interactions from a virtual reality headset, purpose-built project screen, computer or mobile device.

Reimagine how we present storytelling, guided tours, observations, and exploration of physical spaces. Teachers in California used this technology to develop empathy and challenge assumptions by immersing their students in war-torn Syria

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Animations, videos, graphics, 3D objects, and interactive content can be viewed through mobile devices, virtual reality headsets or smart glasses to reveal additional information about physical spaces and real-world objects.

Create augmented posters, hand-outs and realia; interactive field trips, escape-rooms, scavenger hunts and more. TEL created an augmented reality version of their termly newsletter.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Interactive 3D models of digitized environments and simulated spaces. You can engage with experiences through a range of low to high-cost virtual reality headsets. Enable students to explore or test practical skills and decision making within imagined, simulated or inaccessible locations.

Harvard University and Zhejiang University used virtual reality to enable students to explore and bridge the international understanding of ancient Egypt.

How can TEL support you?

For Students

Practical teaching sessions for students. We can plan, deliver or co-teach and design to fit around your curricular needs.

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For Staff

Bespoke training sessions on demand for staff during departmental meetings, away days, professional development workshops and more.

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One-to-one consultations to provide tailored support and guidance to staff and student projects and initiatives.

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A toolset of immersive technology equipment for creating and viewing experiences. We have a number of bags available for staff and students to loan for use in their teaching and learning projects. 

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Glossary of terms

We have compiled a list of common terminology and definitions in order to demystify the jargon related to the field of immersive technology.

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