Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Learning from each other’s reading with group Padlet walls.

What was the learning or teaching issue that prompted this innovation?

I was looking for a way to get students working in small groups to distribute reading tasks to supplement and support in-class discussion of the readings. I wanted students to have access to the information from several chapters a week without everyone having to read several chapters a week.

What did you do?

I put students in small groups in Canvas, with the intention that each week, everyone in the group would be reading a different chapter, writing a one-page summary and posting it on a Padlet wall that was accessible to other members of their group.

I set up a Padlet wall for each group and embedded it in a page in their group space in Canvas. Using the ‘shelf’ layout option in Padlet I set a column for each week and at the top of each column I added a reminder of what students were supposed to be doing that week.   

What impact did this have on the student experience?

For the groups that were doing it, it was really good. They got to know each other, it allowed them to do work in a group that wasn’t really ‘group work’. I think the fact that their work contributed to other people’s learning was a motivation to actually do the reading. The students that took advantage of it told me explicitly that they liked it. They hated it at the beginning, but by the end of the term they really liked that they had this library of summaries across the topics, which I think was useful for them in their assessments. I was able to add brief, informal comments and the people that were contributing regularly got better as the term went on.

How will the outcomes influence your future practice?

I liked using Padlet and will definitely use it again in the future. By setting it up so that Padlet was accessed through the Canvas module I didn’t force the students to register with Padlet. I don’t like telling students they have to register with third-party companies. It did mean that the postings were anonymous. If I were doing it again I would ask students to add their name as the first line in any post, so that I can keep track of it. 

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Image of Evan Hazenberg

  • Dr Evan Hazenberg, Lecturer in World Englishes 

  • School of English

  • 2018-19

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