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Template 2 - Weekly Reading

A template designed for tutors who are starting from a blank module site.

Find a weekly reading template checklist

What is this template?

This template has been designed for tutors who would like to support their teaching with weekly resources. It is fully accessible and designed to be fully featured on a mobile or tablet device. 

Why does it exist?

This template makes it easier to present your support materials in an organised fashion that is easy for your students to navigate. You can visit the template site to see how it looks.

Key features

This template is a complete site with a home page and links between each of the weekly topics. Students can navigate between topics on the site without returning to the Home or Units page

It suggests:

  • Having a page for each module topic with some key headings including topic introduction, topic learning outcomes, lecture and seminar notes and readings

  • Using the Talis Aspire to manage and disseminate your reading list - separating the list by weeks and linking to each of the weeks from Units page

  • Providing lecture recordings for your students to return to.

Template specific instructions

  1. In the module information page fill in contact details, module abstract, learning outcomes and assessment details

  2. In the Reading list area save the link to the desired Talis Aspire reading list (the system will have made a best guess). If you are not using this area remove it from the module navigation.

  3. In the files area, add and/or import files from another site and organise neatly into the weekly folders that have been precreated

  4. In the Unit area click on each of the weekly readings, select the correct part of reading list and save. If you are not using a reading list delete the Item.

  5. In the Weekly pages:

    • Add the week's abstract, learning outcomes, lecture and seminar notes and reading list items if different.

    • Pull in files to appropriate section of the page from the right hand side.

    • Make a link to the Reading list item by highlight the text and pasting the URL of Unit Item.

Find a weekly reading template checklist


Template 4 preview image


Template 4 preview image


Template 4 preview image

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