Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Template 1 - Intuitive

A simple intuitive template that does not use the Units page for navigation

What is this template?

This template uses a pages approach to building a module where the module consists of a number of pages linked together, each week of the course is given its own page which is divided up into a number of suggested areas. The template is designed to have a bright and minimalist visual style looking both modern whilst allowing students to find everything they need easily.  

This template is fully accessible and designed to be easily viewable on a mobile or tablet device. 

Why does it exist?

This template exists for those that have a preference for pages and bold clean visuals.  

Key features

  • Clean easy layout
  • Bright and modern design
  • Responsive design works well on mobile and tablet devices. 
  • Uses linked pages rather then the Units view to navigate the site. 

Template specific instructions

Here are the tasks you will want to perform if you choose to adopt it:

  1. In the module information page fill in contact details, module abstract, learning outcomes and assessment details

  2. In the Reading list area save the link to the desired Talis Aspire reading list (the system will have made a best guess). If you are not using this area remove it from the module navigation.

  3. In the  Discussions area decide how will you use it and encourage students to engage in online discussions

  4. In the files area, add and/or import files from another site and organise neatly into folders according to the pages they will display

  5. In the Weekly pages add week abstract, learning outcomes, lecture and seminar notes and reading list items if different. Pull in files to appropriate section of the page from the right hand side



Template 1 Preview image A


Template 1 Preview image A



Template 1 Preview image B


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