Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Template Instructions

This page contains guidance on how to download and use the templates.

  1. Go to Canvas
  2. Click on the Commons link from the Global Navigation
  3. Give Commons access to your account
  4. Search for the name of the template you want to use
  5. Click on the template
  6. Select to Import/Download
  7. Choose the module you wish to import the template into.
  8. If you cannot identify your module because there are other modules with the same name, give your module a nickname.

How to give a module a nickname

  • Click on the three dotted "kabob" icon at the top right corner of any Module Card. 
  • There will be a text box where you can give your module a nickname. 
  • This is a name that only you will see...nobody else. 
  • It does not change the official name of the module.

How to access Commons and download Templates from Commons



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