Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Digital Practice Awards Case Studies


Using Articulate Storyline 2 Software to Create Interactive Pharmacy Education

Dr Geeta Hitch, Dr Bugewa Apampa, Mr Mike Pettit, Dr Prabha Parthasarathy, Dr Sabita Menon

At Sussex, a strategic approach has been taken to optimise the design of the MPharm integrated curriculum. The MPharm is underpinned by innovative pedagogical approaches to teaching delivery assessment design and experiential learning. In order to achieve this the Pharmacy team invested in Articulate Storyline 2, an educational learning software, to create interactive learner-centred activities ensuring that students engage with integrative learning throughout the course. The aim of the project was to design a series of e- learning packages to enhance and support learning of integration sessions by use of prescriptions, case-study based scenarios and evidence-based learning.


'Making the right connections': Values and ethics in a digital world

Dr Denise Turner

This project utilised film, audio and online platforms to interrogate the theory and practice of ethics, within social work and other practice based professions. With core social work values such as empowerment and confidentiality being increasingly challenged by the expansion of global connectivity and related legal judgements. However, Denise recognised that innovative interaction with online spaces offers unprecedented opportunities for empowering service users and furthering creative education and practice. The project confronted these issues and offered expert advice and practical skills to assist students in understanding the ethical challenges and opportunities of creative, online spaces.


Technology Enhanced Seminars

Dr Wendy Garnham

This project aimed to develop a flipped learning approach to seminars where students were introduced to a variety of online learning tools in order to empower students as creators of online material revleant to their learning and to increase engagement with seminar material. The project also lead to the creation of the Active Learning Network, a staff-led network designed to allow individuals to share practice and ideas around their use of active learning.



Starting your doctorate at Sussex: developing a digital approach to induction - Santander Universities Digital Inclusive Practice Award

Helen Hampson and Dr Catherine Pope

This project aimed to overcome accessibility barriers around doctoral induction, in an effort to make induction more inclusive through the use of digital technology, thereby helping research students to fully engage with their doctoral studies. The project sought to improve the design, inclusiveness and usability of this digital approach to induction, to provide content that is accessible to as many research students as possible, and which research students can interact with in a meaningful way.



Timeline Enhanced Learning

Dr Liz James

This Digital Practice Award fundded project used electronic timelines in teaching to allow students to map out information (names, dates, events, images, objects) drawn from research, seminars, essays and presentations and so collate and build up a sequence of useful comparative data displayed chronologically. During the project the timeline was maintained by students with the intention of using it as a means of expanding engagement as well as a way of engaging students in thinking about time and chronology and relative and virtual time.

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