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Mobil 1 Sussex Racing is the Formula Student team at the University of Sussex. In recent years it has surged in popularity, consisting of a diverse combination of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Automotive, Mechanical and Electronic Engineers, as well as a small team of Product Designers and Computer Scientists.  
Mobil 1 Sussex Racing in 2015 managed to get into the Top 10 in the UK at Silverstone and 28th overall. 

Sussex Racing Formula Student TS15


Mobil 1 Sussex Racing also entered a Class 2 team for the second year running with 2015 team finishing Top 5 in the UK and 8th Overall. Class 2 consists of Year 3 students creating a concept Class 1 car. 

Meet Mobil 1 Sussex Racing

On the 9th June 2015, TS-15 was unveiled by The Mayor of Brighton and Hove and The Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex at University of Sussex featuring artist María Inés Aguirre - Mia, ArtMoorHouse. More details of the TS-15 Launch can be found on our University main site.

Mobil 1 Sussex Racing are proud to support Help for Heroes, with a percentage of all donations being passed to the charity. The NoseCone Club was created to allow fans to have their photo on the front of the car, all for a small donation.





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Official Twitter for Mobil1 Sussex Racing, the Formula Student team of the University of Sussex. Support the team and follow our progress!

Squad graduation! #SussexGrad pic.twitter.com/2wujcSQXU2

Great to meet you! Good to see the picture of you in our car there #SussexUni 🏁 🚗 💨 twitter.com/PaulWoodford84…

Loading the van up after 5 days of successful Dynamic and Static events. #FS2016 @FormulaStudent @SussexUni pic.twitter.com/4OMK31BtbB

An incredible 5 days at @FormulaStudent completing all Static and Dynamic events! #FS2016 @SussexUni #SussexUni pic.twitter.com/g7RcRzzJ6W

Endurance complete!! Competition complete @SussexUni pic.twitter.com/DVPEHQNxIo

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