The Sussex Energy Group

Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium

The UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium is a five year investment by EPSRC to inform the analysis, planning and design of national infrastructure. The consortium is developing and demonstrating new decision support tools, and working with partners in government and industry. The ITRC research programme is focusing at the national scale on five infrastructure systems: Energy, Transport, Water, Waste, and Information and communication technologies (ICTs). The research programme includes:

  • Developing new methods for analysing performance, risks and interdependencies;
  • Providing a virtual environment in which to test strategies for long term investment; and
  • Understanding how alternative strategies perform with respect to policy constraints such as reliability and security of supply, costs, carbon emissions, and adaptability to demographic and climate change

The role of the Sussex Energy Group is to analyse the governance of UK infrastructure systems. SEG’s research is focusing on the development of current policy and regulatory frameworks for infrastructures in the UK, and analysing how such frameworks may need to change to meet future needs. As with many other aspects of the consortium’s work, there is a particular emphasis on interdependencies between infrastructures and how policy and governance arrangements could take these into account.

This project runs from January 2011 to December 2015.

Further details of the consortium’s research can be found on the ITRC website.


Contacts: Prof Jim Watson and Neha Rai.