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E&W men sqEnergy and water interdependencies

Policy note identifies several actions that can provide a new framework for enhancing the governance of energy and water interdependencies.

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Colombian students to study at SPRU

Colombian Government to support students to study at SPRU.

nuclear sqNuclear power politics

Short video explains outcomes of research into the politics influencing nuclear power trajectories in the UK and Germany

BHFPAccelerating progress towards sustainability

New briefing paper provides information on how local organisations can accelerate progress towards sustainability.

A photograph of Benjamin Sovacool

Benjamin Sovacool joins Sussex Energy Group

The Sussex Energy Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Benjamin Sovacool as Professor of Energy Policy at SPRU and as the new Director of the Sussex Energy Group (SEG).

IST 2015 hosted at SPRUIST 2015


SPRU hosts an international conference that provides a platform to demonstrate the extensive sustainability transition research taking place within SPRU

Tackling energy access for sustainable development

The challenge of providing poor people with access to energy services requires a broader and more ambitious approach, according to a new working paper from the IDS-based STEPS Centre. Access to energy is a key development priority. Yet current international arrangements to tackle energy access and climate change, based on technology transfer and finance, are failing to produce real development, according to the authors.

Click here for the paper, 'Energy pathways in low carbon development: From technology transfer to socio-technical transformation'

Click here for the full article

By: Danielle King
Last updated: Thursday, 17 November 2011