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House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report cites CIED evidence

Evidence submitted by the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) researchers has been cited in the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: The future? (published 15 March 2017).

A number of recommendations in the report draw on the written evidence submitted by Dr Debbie Hopkins, Dr Tim Schwanen and Professor Benjamin Sovacool.

CIED’s evidence raised concerns about gaps and omissions in the government’s approach to connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology, including the need to give greater attention to challenges UK transport and society more generally are facing, such as the need to increase physical activity, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and concerns over social inequality.

In its report, the Committee says:

We recommend that the Government should bring forward a wider transport strategy that places the development and implementation of CAV in the context of wider policy goals, such as increased use of public transport, and the reduction of congestion and pollution.

The report also cites CIED’s evidence querying whether CAV technology will be affordable and acceptable to the elderly and disabled given the cost premium attached to these technologies.

The report concludes:

CAV have the potential to increase accessibility and mobility for those less mobile or those unable to use traditional vehicles, such as the elderly or disabled. However, they may not be suitable for some people with mobility problems, if, for example, they are unable to get into or out of a car without help. Furthermore, these benefits will only be realised with full automation and if the vehicles are both affordable and acceptable to prospective users.

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By: Nora Blascsok
Last updated: Thursday, 16 March 2017