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How should we value nature in a human-dominated world?

picture of a leave with markings of a map on itProfessor Dame Georgina Mace (UCL) will be giving a lecture organised by the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme on 27 April about nature conservation and the impact of human activities on land & sea.

woman cookingHow can we make energy sustainable?

Benjamin Sovacool is one of three experts giving their views to Elsevier "Energy Sessions" on the future of energy generation and use in relation to UN Sustainable Goal Number 7.

a picture of planet earthChallenges and opportunities of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Michele Stua will be speaking at the Global Governance Institute at UCL on 22 March about the challenges and opportunities of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. 

A photograph of Emily Cox in 2015The energy supply gap

Emily Cox was interviewed by Materials World on the likelihood of a 40% gap in UK energy supply by 2025. Alongside other energy experts, Emily was also asked about current UK energy policy and the effect BREXIT would have on energy security.

Smart Energy Transition logoSmart Energy Transition seminar

Dr Paula Kivimaa is co-organising a research  seminar on innovation policy, climate policy and energy transitions as part of the Smart Energy Transition project. The seminar will be on 17 February.

A photograph of Benjamin Sovacool

Benjamin Sovacool joins the Sussex Energy Group

The Sussex Energy Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Benjamin Sovacool as Professor of Energy Policy at SPRU and as the new Director of the Sussex Energy Group (SEG).

Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes passed his Viva

We are delighted to announce that Jake Barnes, SPRU Phd student and member of the Sussex Energy Group, passed his Viva.

We have plan

picture of a leave with markings of a map on it

Michele Stua reflects on COP 21, and the SPRU TRANSrisk project.

E&W men sqEnergy and water interdependencies

Policy note identifies several actions that can provide a new framework for enhancing the governance of energy and water interdependencies.

BHFPAccelerating progress towards sustainability

New briefing paper provides information on how local organisations can accelerate progress towards sustainability.

Wind turbines with grass

Consumer load shifting to promote wind power

PhD Student Matt Gross examines whether residential electricity customers are willing to schedule their use of household appliances to make use of energy from wind in the absence of financial incentives. 

SPRU 50th anniversary logoSPRU's 50th anniversary

As part of SPRU’s 50th anniversary in 2016, we will be hosting a major conference from 7-9 September 2016 here at the University of Sussex.

The conference will also be complemented by a full programme of activities to celebrate 50 years of SPRU.

We are delighted to announce a call for proposals for the conference on the theme of Transforming Innovation: Science and Technology for Social Needs.

Claire CarterA new POSTnote by Phd student Claire Carter, explores potential future pathways for the sourcing and use of natural gas in the UK

How to make energy sustainable?

Professor Benjamin Sovacool was recorded speaking about energy access in developing countries as part of “Energy Sessions”, a new forum by the publishing house Elsevier that invites energy experts to give their thoughts on the “big questions in energy.” 

Nuclear power politics

This short video featuring Dr Phil Johnstone explains the outcomes of research into the politics influencing nuclear power trajectories in the UK and Germany.  

Take 7

Take 7 is a short film made by Nicolette Fox, that follows the energy stories of seven families over four seasons and the influence that solar power has had on their lives