Obituary: Nancy Mackenzie

Nancy Mackenzie

Nancy Mackenzie worked at the University Health Centre for 30 years.

From 1964 she worked as a nurse, and was inspired by the leadership of Dr. Tony Ryle.

Eventually Nancy trained as a psychotherapist and group-analyst adding group therapy to the resources of the team.

Nancy was remembered with much warmth for her uncompromising confronting of the lived truth of her patients and their family backgrounds along with huge compassion for those who had experienced loss or exploitation of any kind.

In later life her individuality and creativity was expressed in local choirs a love of music of all kinds, a regular participant in the Brighton Festival and in her work as an artist. She leaves a huge legacy among the many who were influenced and accompanied by her.

Her funeral is at the Meeting House at 2.00pm on Wednesday 26 July.

Written by former colleague, Richard Morgan-Jones.

Very sorry. I was a student in the 1980s and Nancy was very helpful and kind to me following the death of my mother.

From Sally Munt on 28 July 2017

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