Study Abroad destinations

Studying abroad in the USA

Benjy Kusi

"I am spending a term abroad at the University of Rochester in New York – an amazing opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. I decided to study in America because the college experience here is so different to ours and I am thoroughly enjoying this experience.

"I am also taking full advantage of Rochester’s great location, with trips to Niagara Falls, Toronto and New York City planned. If I had any advice for someone considering studying abroad, it would be to pursue it wholeheartedly."

Benjy Kusi, BA in Philosophy and English

Studying abroad in Japan

Robyn Kelly-Meyrick

"I would encourage anybody taking a globally-focused degree to spend a term or a year in a different country.

"I highly recommend Japan as a study abroad destination. Tokyo is a surreal place to live in: it is busy, neon and vibrant, abut also strangely spacious, peaceful and orderly.

"It also boasts unique and wonderful characteristics: onsens, izakayas, karaoke bars, exciting foods, and a more spectacular skyline than anywhere else on the planet."

Robyn Kelly-Meyrick, BA in International Relations

Studying abroad in the Czech Republic

Abdelmageed Gharib

"Studying in the Czech Republic has to be the cheapest, most exciting and most fun year of my university experience.

"Prague has everything that a capital city should have: beautiful monuments, historic locations and an amazing nightlife. Charles University is one of the oldest universities in the world and employs people from the top of their industries to deliver lectures.

"Being a student in Prague gave me the chance to participate in modules that I would not have studied at Sussex, and really helped to broaden my horizons and travel to surrounding countries."

Abdelmageed Gharib, LLB in Law