International development

International Development Field Trips

Module code: 001ID
Level 5
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Not yet finalised
Assessment modes: Group written submission, Portfolio

This module will offer field trips to single and joint honours international development students. The detail of each field trip will tailored to the specific contexts. Initial suggestions are for field trips to Thailand (Mahidol University), Ghana (with the University of Legon) and in the UK (tbd). Broad principles are that: 1. Trips will last from 10-15 days; 2. Places for up to 20 students will be offered per field trip; 3. Field trips will be developed with in-country partners to support shared learning across countries; 4. Each field trip will provide an opportunity for critical reflection, linked to a theme, using research skills developed in Term 1; 5. Connections with local students will be important - before, during, and after the field trips; 6. The cost of field trips will be covered by students; a UK field trip will be included to reduce costs.

Module learning outcomes

  • Design a research project to address an academic theme or debate using primary data collected during field work
  • Conduct field research, drawing on qualitative, participatory or quantitative research skills
  • Analyse field trip data, with reference to one or more key themes (eg. gender, health, conflict, climate change)
  • Develop transferable skills, in either a UK or international context, that can be applicable to future work situations, including managing team dynamics, time management, listening and negotiation skills