International relations

Marxism and International Relations

Module code: M1530A
Level 6
30 credits in autumn teaching
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework, Essay

Prof Justin Rosenberg For more information see here: This module enables you to engage systematically with the Marxist tradition of theorising about international relations. It provides an introduction to Marx's own thought, using selections from primary texts, and then examines how later Marxist writers have applied and developed these ideas across a range of themes in international studies, including imperialism, the Cold War, international political economy and globalisation theory. This module is assessed by Assessed by a 70% 3.5K essay, 20% 1k Essay, 10% 20 minute Group presentation. We meet each week for a three hour seminar combining mini-lectures, group work, analytical exercises and open discussion.

Module learning outcomes

  • Develop a systematic and critical understanding of the nature and scope of Marxism as an intellectual tradition.
  • Develop a detailed conceptual understanding of the ways that Marxism has been applied to International Relations.
  • Effectively synthesise and communicate the practical and theoretical uncertainties, ambiguities and limits of an aspect of Marxism as it relates to International Relations.