International relations

The Local and the Global: IR in Practice

Module code: L2066
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture
Assessment modes: Portfolio, Group written submission

This module aims to encourage you to connect their everyday life in Brighton to wider currents in world politics and think about why it matters how we theorise international relations and international political economy. You will undertake research projects (in groups of approximately five) that focus on a Brighton-based empirical phenomenon or issue, and seek to understand the connections between that issue and world politics more generally. In the course of doing their projects, you will be introduced to theoretical debates in IR/IPE and to issues around research design, methodology and method, as well as philosophy of social science.

Module learning outcomes

  • To connect everyday life in and around Brighton to theories and issues in IR and/or IPE: reflect on the relationships between the local and the global, and between theory and empirics.
  • Learn to undertake basic research design, and understand basic issues around methodology, method and philosophy of social science.
  • Develop study and research skills, and transferable skills.
  • Reflect on their role as students, individuals and community members in Brighton.