International relations

Sex and Death in Global Politics: in depth Analysis

Module code: L7091SDUD
Level 6
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Not yet finalised

This module explores the connections between gender and violence in contemporary international politics.

War and forms of collective violence seem to be everywhere in world affairs, but it the manifestations of gender are less visible to the realms of high politics. At times aspects of gender violence (such as war rape) seem to enter into academic discussions of war, whilst other questions (such as the inclusion of homosexuals in the military) have relevance for public policy and national culture. But many other issues (such as media representations of gender violence, the continuum between 'peace' and 'war' violence, or the connection between armies and prostitution) are more commonly discussed within sociology, political theory and history. 

In this module, you will examine a broad range of such questions from an interdisciplinary angle, with emphasis on theoretical perspectives and academic-political controversies. Topics will include:

  • gender in war and society
  • the intersection of race, class, and gender in collective violence
  • military masculinity
  • women at war
  • wartime sexual violence
  • sex industries and violence
  • homosexuality and military culture (including queer theory perspectives and recent debates about 'pink-washing' and 'homonationalism')
  • feminism, anti-feminism and gender studies in the academy
  • gender violence in popular culture.