Immigration and the Liberal State

Module code: L2097
Level 6
30 credits in spring teaching
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Dissertation

In this module, you examine why immigration has become one of the most contested issues on the political agenda of liberal states across Europe and North America.

You look at representative democracy, constitutionalism, capitalism, and nationhood - and examine how these generate conflicting imperatives for immigration policymaking, which lead to contradictory policies.

You develop an understanding of how immigration policies in liberal democracies are shaped and study recent trends in the immigration, citizenship and integration policies of immigrant-receiving countries in Europe and North America.

Module learning outcomes

  • Identify a topic suitable for research relating to immigrtation
  • Plan and carry out a research project relating to immigration in liberal states
  • Locate and evaluate a range of resources appropriate to a topic on immigration
  • Make use of constructive feedback on the development of their ideas in the implementation of a research topic related to immigration