Engineering and design

Programming for Engineers

Module code: H1038
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Laboratory, Practical
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module introduces you to the following topics:

  • compiling and linking
  • constants, variables, data types and conversion
  • operators and expressions
  • program structure and pseudocode
  • selection and repetitive statements
  • functions
  • recursion
  • pointers 
  • arrays
  • characters and strings
  • data structures
  • file input/output
  • well-designed programs and testing (software engineering)
  • introduction to programming paradigms
  • C and MATLAB (procedural)
  • MATLAB - Simulink
  • LabVIEW (graphical programming)
  • concept of object-orientated programming (C++, Java).

Module learning outcomes

  • Gain a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of structured programming and algorithm concepts.
  • Gain a working knowledge and understanding writing and debugging programs within an IDE.
  • Ability to demonstrate a pseudo-code implementation to an algorithm or programming problem and develop this into specific code for compilation.