Engineering and design

Design Philosophy

Module code: H1044
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Laboratory
Assessment modes: Coursework

Design philosophy is about developing an understanding of how designers think and work. The focus is on revealing what designers do during the activity of designing and on building an understanding of the nature of design ability. You will gain insight into past design movements, what it means to be a designer, how designers employ creative thinking skills and what is known about different aspects of design ability and its development, from novice student to expert professional.

The module aims to give a deeper understanding of the nature of design thinking, and will give commentary and advice and provide the opportunity for you to initiate and develop you own research in relation to their design practice and thinking, aiding them to better understand - and perhaps also to question - the things they do in their work life, and why they do them.

This will result in a series of essays, which together will culminate in a sustained piece of research.

Module learning outcomes

  • Initiate and develop their own research in relation to their design practice and thinking
  • Understand the critical, contextual, historical, conceptual and ethical dimensions of design
  • Analyse information and experiences, formulate independent judgements and articulate reasoned arguments through reflection, review and evaluation
  • Identify personal strengths and reflect on personal development