Engineering and design

Design for Manufacture

Module code: H7104
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

Engineers and designers alike need to think creatively in the design of solutions, often in teams, and ensure the solution:

  • can be presented 'sold' to a customer external or internal;
  • complies with any specified constraints;
  • can be manufactured, and the requirements of those manufacturing the parts/assembly can be communicated in a form that is universally understood, ie to international standards;
  • has a known cost, specifiable as a sum of all the contributing elements from design to deployment, and delivery time.

Thus the module includes:

  • the generation of design concepts, ranking and concept selection;
  • the conversion of a concept into a full specification, including detailed design, manufacturing processes and the associated tolerances (process capability);
  • full solution costing (concept to implementation) for one-off and mass production.

Implemented through:

  • combining mechanical, product design and customer requirements and brand, the project is both baanced and encourages an inter-disciplinary approach;
  • team work and project management;
  • CAD based drawings and models via CAD tools;
  • critical skills are developed by design review and evaluation.

Assessment components reflect the needs of real industrial environment, and include individual logbooks, which are to be submitted for individual assessment with the group project.

Module learning outcomes

  • Classify and select a number of design concepts in order to meet a given brief
  • Integrate sub-systems in an overall design
  • Work effectively in a multi-discipline team
  • Work effectively and present the outcomes of the project as part of a multi-discipline team