Engineering and design

Applied Technology

Module code: H1040
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Unseen examination, Coursework

Topics covered on this module include:

Forces, equilibrium and stability, in particular an analysis of (statically determinate) frameworks, mechanical advantage, friction, buckling, beam bending and torsion in a shaft.

Distance, velocity and acceleration; simple vibration.

Thermal properties of solids, liquids and gases; gas laws; equivalence of work and heat (1st Law); introduction to thermodynamic cycle analysis.

Simple DC Circuits
Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s laws; formation of equivalent circuits.

AC Circuits
Waveforms, current and voltage in AC circuits; capacitance, inductance and the concept of reactance; introduction to three-phase AC.

Diodes; transistors; characteristics of amplifiers (gain, frequency response and feedback).

Simple relations of electromagnetic theory; applications to electrical machines.

Module learning outcomes

  • Have knowledge of underlying concepts and principles in electrical and mechanical technology
  • Apply their knowledge of mechanical and electrical technology to practical design problems.