Engineering and design

Gas Turbines and Turbocharging

Module code: 527H3
Level 7 (Masters)
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture
Assessment modes: Unseen examination, Coursework

  • Thermodynamic cycles for gas turbine engines for shaft power and jet propulsion
  • analysis of cycle efficiency under design and off-design conditions
  • thermodynamic principles of internal combustion engine turbochargers and superchargers
  • matching turbochargers to internal combustion engines.

Module learning outcomes

  • Have a systematic understanding of thermodynamic cycles for gas turbine engines and providing knowledge of the governing laws.
  • Have critical awareness of the fundamental differences between shaft power cycles and jet propulsion cycles.
  • Have an insight at the forefront of the application to gas turbines for power generation and jet propulsion.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of turbochargers and superchargers, their thermodynamic principles and their coupling to internal combustion engines with an insight into future application in low emissions engines.