Engineering and design

Finite Element Analysis

Module code: 517H3
Level 7 (Masters)
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Laboratory
Assessment modes: Coursework

Topics include:

  • introduction to finite-element modelling methods and software
  • preparation of the graphical interface
  • setting up a model
  • mesh generation
  • stress analysis
  • nodal analysis and dynamic modelling
  • interfacing with other packages and the use of exchangeable formats
  • checking a solution
  • debugging and validation of the modelling process.

Module learning outcomes

  • Obtain systematic understanding of theory of the finite element analysis
  • Gain critical awareness about issues arising in the finite element modelling
  • Create appropriate finite element models for new and original practical applications
  • Apply the finite element package (ANSYS) for creation of models, FE mesh and analysis