Italian Post-Intensive A

Module code: R1079
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Class
Assessment modes: Coursework

This course builds upon the knowledge acquired and the practical skills developed in the preceding language courses.

Progress into more advanced syntax and broader lexis will continue to improve your receptive and productive skills.

There will be continued emphasis upon handling authentic materials, including texts of many kinds and audio-visual resources in all media.

With a view to preparation for life in the relevant country during the succeeding Year Abroad, practical aspects of studying and working there will be covered, as well as salient facets of its culture and society.

The processes of language learning (the consolidation and extension of grammar, the building of vocabulary and the application of knowledge in practical skill-based tasks) will therefore continue to be embedded in authentic modern and contemporary contexts.

In addition to active participation in the class environment, and to the completion of preparation and informal assignments, you'll increasingly take the initiative in your own self-directed study.

Module learning outcomes

  • The successful student will demonstrate an adequate command of syntax and knowledge of lexis by the production of various forms of written work, both formative and summative, in the TL.
  • S/he will thereby evidence a capacity to research independently and to meet deadlines.
  • S/he will also demonstrate a critical understanding of certain issues of contemporary significance in the relevant society.
  • S/he will demonstrate intellectual sophistication of an appropriate standard by the quality of analysis and coherence of argument developed in written exercises.