Spanish Special Subject 2

Module code: R4028
Level 6
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Seminar
Assessment modes: Unseen examination, Coursework

This module, delivered and assessed in Spanish, concerns the rise of the Spanish film industry on the global stage, especially since the advent of democracy in the country.

In this period, a number of directors (notably Amenabar and Almodovar), actors and films have become emblematic of Spanish culture and society.

You'll explore the role Spanish cinema has played in the fight for freedom of speech, sexual equality and coming to terms with a recent brutal past. In doing so, you'll gain a critical perspective on many aspects of the evolution of Spanish culture from the end of the Civil War to the end of the Franco dictatorship and into the era of Spanish democracy. The specific movies, studied within the contexts of Spanish cinema and the international film industry, can vary but will typically include such works as Mar Adentro (2004), Volver (2006) and Lope (2010).

Module learning outcomes

  • The successful student will demonstrate systematic understanding of key aspects of 20th-century Spanish cinema in the post-Franco era.
  • S/he will demonstrate coherent and detailed knowledge of several significant movies directed by some of the foremost cineasts in modern Spanish cinema.
  • S/he will demonstrate sophisticated intellectual engagement with the philosophical, psychological, moral, critical or other issues arising from the works studied.
  • S/he will demonstrate a good command of written Spanish, appropriate in its accuracy and register to the development of sustained academic argument in the context of discursive essays produced under examination conditions.