French For Bilinguals A

Module code: R1110
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

This is an entry-level module in translation theory and practice. You will submit a fortnightly translation. Weekly, you will work with a tutor on a pre-distributed text and derive a translation in class. Focused attention is given to the problematics of translation, eg basic theories and strategies available, difficulties of untranslatability, cultural/linguistic matters, and the register/genre/style demands of translation. Working is in both directions, eg theme and version. In addition to exploring the relationships between, eg accuracy, fluency and appropriacy in translation, the teaching prepares you for more comparative translation, oral-aural working, and commentary activities in French Translation Theory and Practice 1B.

Module learning outcomes

  • The successful student will demonstrate theoretical, critical and practical skills in translation of written and aural materials between French and English, in both directions.
  • S/he will demonstrate the ability to focus on the key differences in form and structure, notably with attention to stylistic, cultural, pragmatic and discourse features, as they relate to translation.
  • S/he will demonstrate that she has developed skills in research and glossary preparation in advance of, and after, interpreting.
  • S/he will demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practicalities of basic liaison interpreting techniques.