Italian 1A

Module code: R3042
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Class, Seminar
Assessment modes: Observation

You will consolidate and progress your knowledge of grammar. Improved grammatical accuracy, oral and written fluency, lexis, and listening and reading comprehension are achieved through the study of a variety of topics and integrated grammar. You will also gain insight into the culture and society of your chosen country.

Module learning outcomes

  • The successful student will demonstrate a good understanding of syntax and lexis by engaging with exercises requiring an advanced level of communicative language skills.
  • S/he will demonstrate the ability to analyse authentic materials in the TL (whether textual, audio-visual or digital) on social, political, cultural or literary themes with an appropriate degree of detail and accuracy.
  • S/he will be capable of participating in discussions and debates, displaying a suitable level of oral competence in the TL, on matters requiring cultural awareness of the relevant country.
  • In the preparation for and performance of such exercises, s/he will develop transferable skills in the TL, such as note-taking, summarising and synthesising.