French 3A

Module code: R1129
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Class, Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

The three hours per week classroom contact throughout this module are devoted, on the one hand, to oral and interpreting work and, on the other, to translation and composition. There is therefore an emphasis upon oral proficiency, both in everyday conversation and in more formal contexts, such as presentations and mediation between speakers of French and English. There is a similar emphasis upon written proficiency, whether writing French 'freely' within the framework of a discursive essay, translating from English into French, or from French into English. Roughly equal contact time is devoted to these three written skills and the same weighting is accorded to each of them in assessments.

Module learning outcomes

  • The successful student will demonstrate the ability to read and understand good modern texts in the TL and translate them proficiently, in writing, into idiomatic English.
  • S/he will demonstrate a good knowledge of the TL lexis and syntax by translating proficiently, in writing, a text of modern British English into the TL.
  • S/he will demonstrate the ability to explain, justify and critique her/his own translations in a written commentary.
  • S/he will thereby evidence a critical understanding of some of the theoretical and practical problems at issue in the work of translation.