Public International Law

Module code: M3045
Level 6
30 credits in autumn & spring teaching
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture
Assessment modes: Unseen examination, Essay

Public International Law governs the relations between states. Increasingly, during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries it has also come to regulate the activity of individuals and organisations. This module aims to provide a grounding in the basic concepts and general principles of international law.

You will be encouraged to examine the legal basis of international law, the sources of the law and the relationship between international law and national law. The module will also examine recent developments and matters of controversy in international law and will introduce students to interdisciplinary aspects of the study of international law.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the main principles of public international law and how international law fits within traditional understandings of the nature of law.
  • Analyse critically principles of international law and their application in international disputes and identify difficulties and benefits arising out of the international legal system.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the social, political, cultural, economic and ethical context of international law and its role in international relations.
  • Demonstrate an ability to undertake research in the field of international law.