Clinical Legal Education

Module code: M3033
Level 6
30 credits in autumn & spring teaching
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture
Assessment modes: Essay, Portfolio

This module brings together several legal clinics and pro-bono projects within a single module, as well as critically discussing the evolution of such projects on a national and international stage. The aims of the module are therefore two-fold, and clearly focused on the two units of assessment:

  1. The Autumn Term is predominantly focused on the academic understanding and discussion of pro-bono and clinic projects. Mainly through a lecture format, we discuss the history and evolution of such projects nationally as well as internationally. This will prepare you for your individual pro-bono projects, as well as your first assessment in A1.
  2. Beginning in the Autumn Term, and the focus of the Spring Term, the other part of the module involves individual pro-bono projects. Within the various project streams (Clinics), you will actively participate and reflect upon and evaluate your work in (stream specific) seminar groups. Thematic lectures in the Spring Term, as well as formative presentations on your work, will both feed into your final assessed reflective portfolio (to be submitted in A2).

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and a deep understanding of legal clinic and pro-bono activities nationally and internationally.
  • Demonstrate an ability to engage in pro-bono projects under the supervision of university staff and external agencies (as appropriate).
  • Show a deep understanding and critical reflection of the issues concerning access to justice an d the possible ways to address existing problems.
  • Analyse and critically reflect on discrete legal issues that arise from the cases worked on during the course of the module.
  • Analyse and critically reflect on idealogical, professional and ethical issues that arise from the cases worked on during the course of the module.