Digital Music Cultures B

Module code: W3082
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

You will engage with current practices in contemporary musical media as relating to the production, distribution and consumption of digital music. You will explore the history of musical media from the perspectives of such approaches as musical materialities and media archaeology, tracing the development of musical ideas as expressed through technological means and the related effects upon the music industry. Engaging critically with the contemporary situation of sonic media through both theoretical investigation and practical experimental projects, you will investigate topics of sampling, collaboration, copyright and licensing, phonography, plunderphonics, glitch, field recordings, oral histories and the post-digital situation.

You will investigate the significant changes caused by online and interactive media, and learn how to compose and promote your work in the new media landscape. The topics explored in the module will be expressed through the experimental online sonic media you developed. Whilst the theoretical strand looks at the role of technology in contemporary music culture from various perspectives, the practical aspect aims to equip you with the technological skills needed in digital music, including interactive programming, audiovisual composition and performance system design.

Module learning outcomes

  • critically engage with historical debates in the development of musical media since the advent of recording
  • identify and assess arguments about the impact of the digital in the field of music from media archeological perspective
  • demonstrate knowledge of new media and disseminate and discuss personal work using social media
  • design own digital music systems for online presentation