Art history

Art and Letters: Visual Culture in its Literary Contexts

Module code: V4111
Level 6
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Workshop
Assessment modes: Dissertation, Presentation

This module takes an interdisciplinary perspective on the links between visual and literary imaginations. Depending on the tutor, the module may look at any one of a variety of periods from the medieval to the 21st century. A typical module may focus on the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, in one of the great capitals of Modernist experimentation - London. The presence of international artists and writers such as Henry James, John Singer Sargent, Ezra Pound and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska will be examined, as well as the distinctive developments in painting and writing around the Bloomsbury Group, the Vorticists, the Camden Town Group and the London Surrealists.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate detailed and coherent critical evaluation of specific visual culture relating to this subject and understanding of the significance of this theme to wider thematic debates in art history.
  • Undertake sustained independent written research and develop in-depth argument taking into account a variety of scholarly perspectives.
  • Synthesize complex scholarly information and independent research coherently in the form of oral presentation.
  • Demonstrate critical understanding of some of the differing approaches of current art-historical scholarship about this subject and how specific examples relate to the overall issues of the topic.