Art history

Art History Research Skills and Methods

Module code: 846V4
Level 7 (Masters)
0 credits in all year teaching
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Not yet finalised

The Research Skills module runs through the Autumn and Spring terms, and consists of a series of formal and informal teaching sessions, seminar discussions and site visits.

The module aims to ensure that you are well equipped to develop the independent research skills necessary for the delivery of your term papers, assignments and dissertation.

These include giving formal presentations, using PowerPoint, participating in seminars, essay and dissertation writing, accessing and deploying different resources and archives, and interpretative skills relating to museum displays.

The module is more practical than theoretical and is designed to underpin your other MA modules throughout the teaching period to ensure that you are well-equipped to contribute to all your MA modules and deliver your assessed work.

It is important that you approach this module as an opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of the research process, and to provide feedback on your experiences.

You will be asked to prepare informal reports throughout the module. Some of the classes may be split into two one-hour sessions, to allow for small-group discussions. Towards the end of the term, space will be set aside for one-to-one meetings with you to discuss specific problems you have encountered in your research.

This is a non-credit research skills class.