Life Sciences

Life Sciences Final Year Research Project

Module code: C7127
Level 6
30 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Project
Assessment modes: Coursework

This is an individual research project involving the investigation of a biological problem or phenomenon using experimental procedures, or the investigation and evaluation of a medical condition, intervention or treatment using literature-based methods, in addition to patient feedback where possible. You will obtain data and information from either laboratory or field-based experiments; from work performed in silico, or from literature-based research.

Module learning outcomes

  • Design experimental strategies and collect and analyse data to study a biological system /collect, record and analyse data or information on a research topic, intervention or condition under investigation/ extract and critically review information from the literature
  • Describe and explain the background to the project and discuss the research in the context of current research in the field
  • Clearly and critically present the research findings in a written project report
  • Effectively communicate and present the project background, the research and its findings orally