Business and management studies

MBA Final Project

Module code: 708N1C
Level 7 (Masters)
60 credits in spring & summer teaching
Teaching method: Not yet finalised
Assessment modes: Report, Coursework

This module will provide you with an introduction to social science research. The research process is first explained, and then consideration is given to the advantages and limitations of three of the most widely-used research strategies, ie case studies; questionnaire surveys and personal interviews; and the statistical analysis of secondary data. In addition, instruction will be given in how to carry out and write a good literature review, and how to write a Management Project Report in the style of a research paper.

Basic concepts and terms encountered on this module include:

  • ethics in research, objectivity
  • research planning, including structuring of research
  • problem identification
  • source of information, primary and secondary
  • discussion of research topics, evaluation of conclusions
  • practical application of statistical methods to research including data analysis
  • presentation of research projects with discussion
  • case studies.

Module learning outcomes

  • Recognise the purpose of a literature review, access relevant academic literature, and produce a suitably focused literature review
  • Select and apply an appropriate research strategy; acquire and analyse data applying the principles of statistical analysis; and demonstrate how to structure and write a research paper
  • Critically survey and analyse relevant theories and models using appropriate instruments and electronic databases.
  • Select appropriate methods and generate primary research findings
  • Effectively plan a proposal and organise and self-manage a research project.