Business and management studies

Managing Virtual Projects

Module code: 951N1
Level 7 (Masters)
15 credits in spring teaching
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

Project teams are becoming increasingly virtual, involving people from different countries, organizations and timezones.

How, therefore, is a project managed when project leaders and members are based in different locations and may never see one another face-to-face?

In this module, you explore how virtual project teams (VPTs) can be managed effectively.


  • are introduced to relevant theories in the field of virtuality
  • examine whether traditional management and leadership theories are relevant in the VPT environment
  • experience real-life challenges of virtual teamwork through practical in-class activities.

Module learning outcomes

  • Analyse the notion of virtual project teams (VPTs) and their unique characteristics (e.g. computer-mediation) as well as their implications for project management.
  • Critically review traditional project management theories, concepts and practices (e.g. organizational culture, communication) and critically appraise their relevance (or transformation) in the virtual context.
  • Critically evaluate, and show practical application of, how VPTs come together on the spot and deliver on their assignment within the virtual, geographically dispersed context.