Business and management studies

International Human Resource Management (HRM)

Module code: N1081
Level 6
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture
Assessment modes: Coursework, Unseen examination

In this module, you are introduced to an analytical and critical approach to international aspects of Human Resource Managment.

You examine:

  • how power and politics are implicated in the internal dynamics of multinational corporations
  • how the 'ideal worker' as construed by strategic International Human Resource Management practices informs the expectations from workers
  • if corporate social responsibility can possibly suffice to ensure a fair employment relationship in the absence of a transnational regulator.

Module learning outcomes

  • Develop detailed knowledge informed by the core concepts, methodological tools, and debates in the field of international human resource management
  • Critically evaluate the core premises, heritage and methodological thrust of the culturalist approach to IHRM
  • Describe or comment upon current research/debates on the reasons behind and problems with international staffing and cross-border assignments