Business and management studies

Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (HRM)

Module code: N1085
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework, Unseen examination

In this module, you are introduced to emerging issues in the practice and theory of human resource management and industrial relations.

It aims to keep you up to date with challenging and leading edge issues facing organisations in these topics and through detailed discussion of these, develop the practice of critical thinking.

The content of the course will change as new challenges emerge, however lectures will initially include issues such as what combination of HRM practices produce effective performance, comparing managers across international spaces and the impact of high performance workplaces in the organisation.


Module learning outcomes

  • Recognise the key emerging issues associated to HRM and industrial relations
  • Explain and define what challenges they raise to our existing understanding of the literature and theory in this area
  • Identify and provide evidence from case studies and the practitioner literature of the existence of new management and organisational practices in HRM and industrial relations