Social work and social care

Academic and Research Skills MACYS

Module code: 883X4SW
Level 7 (Masters)
60 credits in all year teaching
Teaching method: Not yet finalised
Assessment modes: Coursework, Presentation

This module provides a structured induction into a wide range of essential academic and research skills. You gain conceptual and practical experience in reading, analysing, designing and undertaking research throughout the module, culminating in the major project undertaken at the end of the course. Theory and practice are linked throughout, with sessions covering:

  • the conventions of academic referencing approaches to reviewing the academic literature
  • writing a research proposal
  • different methodological positions
  • specific research methods and research ethics.

The module aims to ensure a thorough understanding of the academic and research skills needed to undertake all aspects of the MA Childhood and Youth Studies course and there are opportunities to discuss the requirements of each assignment in depth.

Throughout the year there is an emphasis on collaborative group work, exchanging ideas, presenting work in progress and supporting each other through the different phases of writing and reading.

The course therefore provides a supportive framework within which you are encouraged to develop critical and reflexive understandings of your roles as both consumers and producers of research.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge taken from cognate disciplines to critically analyse a specific area of policy development and professional practice through the use of an appropriate research project
  • Demonstrate in the dissertation a comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable to their own research I this field
  • Demonstrate conceptual understanding that enables the critical evaluation in the dissertation of current research and advanced scholarship and the evaluation of methodologies and development of critiques of them sufficient to sustain a critical account
  • Demonstrate capability in making sound judgements and communicating conclusions about issues arising in the research undertaken and characterised by complexity and uncertainty
  • Demonstrate the capacity for self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems, and for acting autonomously in planning and implementing an effective research project that meets the previous requirements.