Social work and social care

Human Growth and Development

Module code: L5089
Level 4
30 credits in autumn & spring teaching
Teaching method: Seminar, Workshop
Assessment modes: Group presentation, Coursework

This module will provide you with an introduction to the key theories of human development. Concepts such as attachment, resilience, loss, change and identity will be explored in relation to their relevance to social work practice. You will explore the social and political contexts of these issues and the importance of making connections between individual and family development and disadvantage.

The impact of aspects of inequality such as class, race, gender and sexuality will be explored. Although not the main focus of this course, you will be introduced to the use and critique of statistics and data sets in order to foster the early appreciation of such information alongside that arising from qualitative research.

Teaching will take place via lectures, facilitated seminars and unfacilitated student led groups in which you will prepare your assessed presentations. In addition, specialist workshops will be run by members of the service user and carer network and by practitioner colleagues in relation to key areas.

Learning will take place using a problem-based learning approach using a case study as the basis of the group work and assessed tasks. The group presentation will be in poster format so that you are able to demonstrate your skills in presenting material visually, albeit with accompanying text and brief oral explanations.

Module learning outcomes

  • Describe a number of theories of human development
  • Evaluate how political and social processes and inequalities impact on human development
  • Describe some of the ways in which theories of human development underpin social work knowledge
  • To be able to reflect upon group work and processes in order to highlight areas for future development as well as identify existing strengths
  • At an introductory level demonstrate how to organise and deliver material in a group presentation