The Anthropology of Africa

Module code: L6097
Level 6
30 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar, Lecture
Assessment modes: Essay, Coursework

In this module, you are introduced to contemporary anthropological approaches in culture and society in Africa.

The guiding thread of the module is an exploration of the relationship between macro and micro levels of analysis in understanding of African society, through a selection of thematic lenses such as:

  • economy
  • politics
  • religion
  • health
  • gender
  • conflict
  • power.

The assessment for this module is a 5,000-word essay.

Module learning outcomes

  • Systematic understanding of key aspects of contemporary life in Africa.
  • Coherent and detailed knowledge of relevant issues informed by contemporary anthropological writing on Africa.
  • Detailed awareness of arguments, uncertaincies and ambiguities in contemporary discourse about Africa, informed by an anthropological perspective.