Multi-sited and Mobile Ethnography

Module code: 569X8
Level 7 (Masters)
0 credits in summer teaching
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Essay

This workshop examines the rise of multi-sited and mobile ethnography, focusing on tensions between what might be conceived as 'the local' and 'the global', where 'place' and 'field' are not only geographic locations, but representations of broader, sometimes invisible relational and symbolic connections.

From Marcus' original 1995 proposition to 'reform' anthropology, the potential of multi-sited ethnography has been critiqued and, to a lesser extent, practised.

This workshop will consider theoretical issues but will also be related to practice as you conduct a small multi-sited ethnographic project as the basis for your assessment.

Module learning outcomes

  • Design and undertake a systematic review of specified research literature(s).
  • Understand the methodological implications of major trans-disciplinary philosophical and theoretical traditions in the social sciences
  • Describe inductive and deductive methods and illustrate how these apply to research projects and theoretical advances within the student’s field of study.
  • Understand how to design and carry out a small multi-sited ethnographic project.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills in producing a succinct project report with appropriate theoretical references.