Media and film studies

Interactive Project Development

Module code: 871P4
Level 7 (Masters)
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Practical
Assessment modes: Coursework

The module focuses on the methods, processes and research techniques involved in the development of interactive media projects from initial concept to distribution -- with close analyses of how the different stages of a project are related, planned and connected to other media.

You will learn how to identify original sources and subjects with a view to creating a distinctive style and approach through practical exercises and the creation of a test or pilot project. The module will aid you in the development of the tools required to conceptually frame your interactive practice and help them communicate clearly and critically. During the module you will be given time to explore media projects in a variety of media and to consider the implications of those projects for your own work. You will be asked to study and discuss a number of different methods for the critical appraisal and theorisation of creative media projects across genres and will be expected to show initiative in undertaking a wide range of research to help develop your ideas and skills (viewing, listening, reading, observing, testing of techniques, etc).

The module is taught through a combination of presentations by the module tutor as well as individual students, group-critiques and one-on-one critiques. 

The module uses an application form containing questions drawn from industry and research council funding and commisioning calls as a structure for you to focus and present your work. At the end of the module, you will produce a proposal in the form of a contextualising essay answering all the questions on the application form, a work plan, a pilot project demonstrating the style and forms of itneraction in your project and a journal demonstrating how you have thought through you ideas, what has emerged from the discussion and in-class critiques. This combination of essay and pilot will be the framework for you self-directed project.

Module learning outcomes

  • Research, plan and budget a substantial, original, creative media project and present this plan both orally and through pre-production documentation to professional standards.
  • Utilise production technology to a professional level to produce a short test or pilot project.
  • Identify the possibilities for and requirements of different forms of digital production and distribution.
  • Critically analyse relevant theoretical sources, production processes, forms, techniques and working methods from across a range of contemporary and historical media practices and reflectively situate his/her own work in relation to these practices.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal, institutional, financial, technological and ethical constraints as they affect media production and distribution and apply these as appropriate to the development of his/her own projects.