Media and film studies

Working with Film

Module code: P3071
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Tutorial *, Lecture, Seminar, Film
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module is designed to help you to develop your study skills in preparation for working with film in more advanced ways in years 2 and 3 of your degree. The skills we will work on in particular include those of detailed, scholarly, film analysis and interpretation, critically, historically and theoretically informed film studies research, and multimedia forms of academic presentation and writing.

By focusing on a single set film [in 2012-13, this is intended to be Los olvidados/The Young and the Damned (Luis Bunuel, Mexico, 1950)], the module will offer the space and guidance to enable you to develop your own critical case study. Weekly lectures will introduce you to the film, its production and reception contexts, as well as to a wide range of potentially relevant issues to consider when establishing how you will go on to work with it. The lectures will also introduce you to a range of film studies skills and methods, including ways of conducting and presenting film research afforded by multimedia technology. In seminars you will analyse the set film, and its possible connections with other films, and explore your ideas and research methods under the close supervision of a tutor, as well as present your work in progress.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate some skills in the close analysis and comparison of films
  • Demonstrate some skills in the research, evaluation and application of relevant critical
 and historical materials for the study of film, at an introductory level 

  • Demonstrate some ability to understand and apply relevant theoretical ideas to a film 

  • Demonstrate an ability to produce independent work on films